General questions

  • Q: Why did you make this tool?
    • A: The aims of the Have Love Will Travel are twofold. On the one hand we
      want to help professionals discover interesting locations abroad. On the
      other hand, we want to show the world that Belgian bands are reaching an
      international audience. The data about all these concerts has been analyzed
      and described in the research report “Have Love, Will Travel” written by the
      Flanders Arts Institute.
  • Q: How can I see more or less concerts?
    • A: Besides zooming in and out on the map by way of scrolling, you are also
      able to filter on periods, artists, countries and genres. This can be done by
      clicking on the red “filter data” button which will lead you to the filter menu
      where you can choose a period, search for specific artists and click on
      different countries or genres. When you apply your criteria the map and list on
      the right-hand side will adjust to your selection.
  • Q: What does the “countries”-button do?
    • This button takes you to a list of countries and regions. This can be useful for
      organizations with a specific focus on countries such as, for instance, the
      representatives of Flanders abroad.
  • Q: I can’t find a concert but I’m sure that it exists!
    • A: This tool is for the most part based on online posts of artists and venues
      on Songkick, Bandsintown, and Facebook. If you announce your
      concert on one of these platforms, then it will appear in our database. You
      can also provide us with concert information through our contact page.

Example questions

  • Q: I want to organize a tour for my band and I already have one or more countries in
    mind. How do I find relevant venues to contact?

    • Example My jazz ensemble wants to organize a small tour of Poland. Which
      venues were already visited by similar artists?

      • Choose the country “Poland”
      • Put the period on “Last year”
      • Choose the genre “Jazz”
      • Apply your selection
  • Q: I want to go abroad with my band but I have no idea where to start looking for
    venues? What is the best approach?

    • Example: I want to organize an international tour with my rock band but I
      don’t know in which countries venues will be interested in our type of music.
      Where were similar acts able to perform?

      • Open the filter on the start page
      • Select the genres “Alternative & Rock”, “Hard/Punk/Metal” and
      • If you think these genres are too general, you can also enter a number
        of artists that are similar to your act
      • Put the period on the “Last year”
      • Apply your selection
  • Q: I am a programmer outside of Belgium and I would like to attend the concert of a
    certain Belgian band in my region. How can I find out which Belgian bands will be
    touring my country?

    • Example: The programmer of the Vienna Metal Festival is looking for a
      Belgian grindcore band for the festival

      • Choose the period “Next year”
      • Choose “Austria” as country
      • Choose the genre “metal”
      • Apply your selection
  • Q: I am a representative of the Flemish government abroad and I would like to have
    an overview of the concerts of Belgian artists in my region in the near future. What
    should I do?

    • Example: The representative in Berlin is looking for concerts in Germany for
      the next installment of Kultur aus Flandern.

  • Q: How do I track the past or upcoming international concerts of a Belgian band?
    • Example: In which countries did STUFF. play concerts this year?
      • While this tool was not developed to track a individual bands it is
        nevertheless possible to visualize a series of concerts by one specific
        band. For instance, these are the concerts that STUFF. played in
  • Q: How can I see all concerts in one specific country?
    • Example: I am a programmer in Poland and I want to know which bands will
      be coming to Poland so that I could consider booking them.

Do you have another question to which you can’t find the answer here? Contact us!